I have been a Presbyterian for my entire life; in fact, my earliest memories are from the years my mom spent at Columbia Theological Seminary.  As the daughter of a liberal female pastor, I was sheltered in a world where women were an active and welcomed part of the ministry and a world where all were God's beloved children.

In middle school, I learned that not all Presbyterians held these views.  And in high school, I started to realize my own attractions to both men and women.  It was around that time that I stopped going to church altogether.  I couldn't imagine being a part of another denomination when I loved my own so very deeply, but I couldn't imagine attending a church that didn't recognize me as a full member of the Body of Christ.

In 2014, I attended the 221st Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly.  I was there for the historic vote allowing for marriage equality in the church.  I felt like I was being welcomed home, and I felt ready to accept the invitation.  I've been an active part of local Presbyterian churches in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley ever since and now attend Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Austin, Texas.

I am an activist with a strong passion for queer and feminist issues, child advocacy, and gun violence prevention. I am also a strong supporter of used bookstores, fair-trade tea, and fabric shops.


E-Mail: presBIterianblog@gmail.com

Queer. Presbyterian. Reader. Thinker. Seminarian. Courageous Mama Bear.
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